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Article 1.170 of the Civil Code states that debts must be paid in the currency of legal tender. The only currency of legal tender in Spain is the euro. Therefore, payment of any debt can be made in cash.

The only limitation on cash payments is the 1,000 euro maximum amount established by the Government on July 9, in the Law 11/2021 of preventive measures and fight against fiscal fraud.

It is worth mentioning that the Court of Justice of the European Union pronounced the acceptance of payments in cash to be mandatory in Europe. The ruling (C-422/19 and C-423/19), made public on January 26, 2021, declared that a national judgement could not exclude the possibility of using bills denominated in euros.

Moreover, the refusal to accept payment in cash is now a punishable offence: in force since May 28, 2022, is the modification of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complimentary legislation (Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of November 16) that establish the punishable offences in article 47 that include this new offence:

ñ) the refusal to accept payment in cash as a method of payment within the limits established by the tax and prevention and fight against fiscal fraud regulation.

Here we include the link to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs where you can locate the different local and autonomous administrations to present your case.

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Also, the link to the Member Organizations of the Council of Consumer and User Affairs:

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